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John Com Productions

John Com Productions is digital media company dedicated to bringing you the best in online entertainment with a vast array of podcast and YouTube videos.

About John Com Productions

John Com Productions began with John making YouTube videos eight years ago. Three years later John began JohnyJ25, a YouTube channel dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of Call of Duty Zombies. With the rapid rise and success of JohnyJ25, John created John Com Productions. John Com Productions today produces JohnyJ25, podcast such as Zombroz and the We the People Podcast, a line of JohnyJ25 and zombies inspired merchandise, as well as future projects such as John Com Explains.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

We the People #1: The Inaugural Podcast

The Union had just come off a solid draw against Vancouver on the road and are looking to snag 3 points in the home opener against Toronto. John and Jason give their take on this first episode of the We the People podcast. ~Show Notes~ John on YouTube – Union Fan TV – … Continued

Zombroz #62: Should Zombies be Saved and was Rave in the Redwoods Good?

For episode 62 of the Zombroz podcast John and Reed return after a brief hiatus to discuss Rave in the Redwood and as well as whether zombies needs to be saved. ~Show Notes~ John – Matt – Reed –

The Snuffed Torch #7: The Finale SS33E14

On this super late episode of the Snuffed Torch Matt rejoins the show to discuss the finale of Survivor Millennials vs Gen X as well as season 34 of Survivor. ~Show Notes~ Max – John –

The Snuffed Torch #6: The Quadruple Boot Episode SS33E9-12

The gang fell behind four episodes but caught up with the first ever quadruple boot Survivor podcast that we know of. Max and John then cover which final episode scenarios seem the most plausible. ~Show Notes~ Max – John – Max on Itunes –

Zombroz #61: Is Zombies in Spaceland a Story Flop or Gameplay Success?

For episode 61 of the zombroz podcast that gang is talking about the Zombies in Spaceland release! ~Show Notes~ John – Matt – Reed – Matt’s clown video – Reed’s fun Intro – Milo’s Jason B video –

The Snuffed Torch #5: Taylor and the Electoral College SS33E8

Taylor had warned us and we failed to listen. The gang, without Matt, discuss the ramifications of what happens when the world fails the heed Taylor’s warning and we discuss the most recent boot. ~Show Notes~ John’s Buff – Buff instructions – Max – John –

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