As I had mentioned in my previous blog post ,I was incredibly scared to launch the sticker sale. As of 25 minutes ago from when I am writing this, I closed the sale. I was amazed by the response. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t sell many and lose a lot of money on this project. The sales figures were leaps and bounds beyond my expectations. I want to thank you all for the support. Sales like these are how YouTubers like myself and others support ourselves and continue to keep doing what we love, which is make videos.

I’ve had many people ask me when the stickers will arrive. As mentioned on the item page, the stickers should ship out early October. Once the final sales are processed I will begin the process of printing the stickers. Once I receive the bulk batch of stickers they will be packaged and shipped. Because of the sheer size of the number of order, packaging may take longer than anticipated. I will work very hard to make sure they are sent as soon as possible. I am targeting to ship the stickers around the 13th. Please understand this is a single man operation and the first time I am managing the sale. I plan to work day and night to ensure the stickers reach you all as soon as possible. Please also understand international orders will take longer to ship. Once again thank you all for the support and love.



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