Welcome to JohnyJ25.com. I created this site as a hub for many of my projects and future projects. My current endeavor is the Perk-a-Cola sticker pack. In truth this is one of the scarier projects I’ve ever created. At multiple stages including, when I published the sale, I was ready to abandon the project out of fear. I was worried people wouldn’t like the designs or the stickers themselves or they would sell poorly. I’ve put my fear aside and launched the sale, because this is a project I believe in. I worked very hard with an amazing artist to create these designs and looked into dozens of printing options to find the best stickers available. Hopefully you all like them as much as I do. With this being my first sale, there may be hick-ups or delays. I apologize if any arise. My goal is to make this as smooth and as fast of a process as possible. Updates including when I ship will be posted here.

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