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John Com Productions is digital media company dedicated to bringing you the best in online entertainment with a vast array of podcast and YouTube videos


JohnyJ25 is YouTube channel featuring the latest and greatest from Call of Duty Zombies. As a community we explore and discuss the hidden lore, storyline and easter eggs buried deep beneath Call of Duty Zombies.

My Podcasts

John Com Productions presents a number of podcast such as theĀ Zombroz Podcast with RadAustin27 and McSportzHawk, the Snuffed Torch Podcast with Max Benowitz and Matt West the We The People Podcast with Jason Hannigan.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact using the email JohnyJ25business@gmail.comĀ if there is anything you would like me to be made aware of.

This email is for business matters, concerns about the website or channel and store issues only, not self promotion or personal messages. Thank you.